Retro Soviet TV Commercials

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in the beginning of the 90’s all TV commercials from that era were destroyed,
except for the films collected
on this unique DVD.

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Duration 54 minutes
Region All
Format 4:3 PAL
Subtitles English
Includes 82 TV Ads
Bonus + 2 EXTRA TV ADS
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First TV commercials in Soviet Union were produced in 1967 in Estonia. Eesti Reklaamfilm (Estonian Commercial Film Producers) became the major producer of TV ads in the USSR and over 5000 television advertisements for Soviet countries were produced during the 24 years of its existence.

It's hard to imagine a time when you looked forward to commercial breaks on TV, but that was exactly the case in the 1980's with Soviet ads on TV in Estonia.

Instead of an annoying interruption, this separate five-minute program, aired three times a day, became the screen event to wait for. Western appearances mixed with socialist content created wildly eccentric ads that have acquired a huge cult following.

The Soviet ads simply ignored the idea of selling a product or targeting certain consumers, thus making the ads themselves the product to be consumed. Usually products vanished from the shelves without any need for advertisement but ads were produced nevertheless. At other times an ad would be produced in the hopes that, at the time of airing, a product would be available for sale.

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A short overview of how Mr. Peedu Ojamaa started the advertising business in the 60’s under the strict Soviet regime.

A living legend and an advertising genius

Harry Egipt

Harry Egipt is considered to be one of the most productive producers during the era of Soviet Estonian TV-commercials.

Harry Egipt`s work is absolutely unique and unmistakably recognizable. One could call it a one-man show, as he is personally in charge of writing the script, putting together the team and directing. Innovative ideas, original soundtracks and gorgeous models made the clips unique and ahead of their time.

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Chicken Minced Meat

one of Harry’s most bizarre masterpieces

Since the Soviet’s did not recognize foreign regulations regarding the use of pre-recorded music, you can hear Michael Jackson’s, The Beatles’, George Michael’s, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s and Robert Palmer’s music in these commercials.

Clips from Harry Egipt`s films have found their way to the Twentieth Century Fox's production of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

The producer of the DVD Hanno Egipt

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